Hard Wood Flooring

Hard Wood Flooring have always been very popular. Hard Wood floors are also manufacture in custom patterns such as edging, medals, motifs, hand penetrants, paint, mix media, and stains. With advanced technology, hardwood floors have become very affordable and extremely easy to maintain. Oak has developed very prevalent in current years. Cherries, white oak, birch, and maple are other popular woods. Hard Wood floors can be classified as unfinished, finished, acrylic, impregnated, solid, and built, depending on the manufacturing process used.

Installing hard wood floors

The most important aspects to consider when installing hard wood floors are the general tonality (dark brown, medium brown, light brown, reddish brown, golden brown, natural or other colors); the type of hard wood floor (solid, built, or floating) where the floor will be install (above ground, in-ground, or underground) on which the floor will be laid (on concrete slab, plywood subfloor, oriented beach slab , vinyl or hard  wood floor) and so on. Other important things to consider are the budget, the type of room, the traffic and furniture in the room, the style and design of the walls and furniture, etc.

There are many kinds of species of flooring hard wood: red oak, white oak, white stain oak, walnut, birch, ash, maple, red maple, cherry, pear, plum, bamboo, beech, mahogany, pine, walnut, jarrah, tamarind, American cherry, teak and many more. The different styles of hardwood flooring are parquet, planks, and slats. Finished and unfinished hardwood floors are also available. Hardwood floors are also dependent on quality, cut, dimensions, pattern, and color.

Hard Wood floors are relatively easy to maintain

Hard Wood floors are relatively easy to maintain. So that Do not use wax or other scrubs for proper maintenance; use blankets to avoid dust and dirt so that can cause scratches; do not wet mop, dry spill immediately, put soft cloth or plastic slider under furniture, do not slide heavy furniture on hardwood floor Use a humidifier to prevent movement and shrinkage of hard wood; do not wear spiked shoes or high heels; and avoid direct sun exposure, as this can increase the oxidation process and make the floor age faster.

Installing Hard Wood Flooring

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