Knowing the Use of Floor Steam Cleaner for Hard Wood Cleaning

A Steam Cleaner for the floor is what the name suggests. It is a cleaning machine that cleans the floor with its steam outlet. The steam melts dirt and impurities from the floor. The molten dirt is then remove manually or with a vacuum cleaner.

A steam cleaner for the floor cleans with its steam outlet. Modern machines have an outlet temperature of up to 386 ° F. Such a high temperature is suitable for cleaning harsh substances such as tile floors and walls that can withstand such high temperatures. Smooth surfaces and fabrics should be kept away from the outlet of the technology hub

Hardwood technology part of hard surfaces

Hardwood technology surfaces are generally consider to be part of hard surfaces. Although these are not as tough as concrete or tile floors, they can withstand the steam output of a steam floor cleaner. However, there are differences between hardwood technology surfaces and concrete surfaces. You can’t clean hardwood technology the same way you clean concrete surfaces.Here are some tips for getting the most out of a steam floor cleaner on a hardwood technology surface.

Check temperature

For all normal hard surface cleaning tasks, you want the outlet temperature of the steam cleaner to be as high as possible. However, when cleaning hardwood technology, you don’t want a steam cleaner that’s too hot.

Don’t expose too much

When cleaning hardwood technology surfaces, be careful not to expose the surface too much as it exits the machine. The output of the machine, even if it is limit to a certain temperature, is still sharp enough to cause paint damage or other problems in case of overexposure.

Antibacterial wood technology

Commercial floor steaming machines are know for their sanitizing and cleaning capabilities. Wood technology surfaces can harbor many harmful microorganisms. Sometimes some of these bacteria and fungi can even be resistant to heat. That is why they do not sink even though they are expose to the high temperatures of commercial steam cleaners.

It is best to use portable steam cleaners equipped with specialized antibacterial technology. Such machines are, as many independent laboratory tests have shown, capable of killing many pathogenic bacteria, including Escherichia coli and listeria.

Fast dry

One of the biggest benefits of using steam tile cleaners is the quick drying of the surface. Since the machine produces steam, the surfaces dry quickly. The quick exit has many advantages. Dirt and dust have been found to quickly adhere to wet surfaces. If a surface dries quickly, its chances of being attack by bacteria are reduced.

Drying time can be further shorten by using steam tile cleaners that provide dry steam. Dry steam refers to a form of superheated water in which the liquid content is less than 5 percent.

Types of hardwood technology

The advantage of portable steam cleaners with dry steam is the drying time after cleaning. Since these machines transfer small amounts of water to surfaces, surfaces tend to dry out quickly. This is the reason why these types of hardwood technology cleaning machines are prefer for cleaning hardwood technology.

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