Wood Flooring a Beautiful Alternative to Wall-To-Wall Carpeting

When I was a child our doctor told my parents to tear all the Carpeting out of our house. Like many people, I am very allergic to dust allergens. And it is very difficult to keep wall-to-wall carpets free from allergens, especially fluff or coarse fluff. But I grew up on the East Coast, where most houses except the bedrooms had hardwood technology floors throughout.info technology hub

As an adult, I moved to Boston, where many of the houses I saw had linoleum laid over original oak floors in the kitchen. In the 60s and 70s, wood technology floors were considered dated or outdated. But it was still shocking to stop at the edge of a deteriorated linoleum floor that had come without glue and find a beautiful inlaid oak or maple underneath.

Downstairs wooden technology floor

In the late 1980s, one of my friends, tired of the sticky linoleum in his kitchen, ripped it off, sanded and polished the downstairs wooden technology floor. A few weeks later, he invited me to admire his practical work. The result I will never forget. By reviving his old hardwood floors, he gave his kitchen a warm, classic and inviting look. The wooden technology floors have character. And a beautiful hardwood technology floor speaks to our innate love for nature and the great outdoors.

In the early nineties, when I moved west, it seemed like every apartment or house I lived in had wall-to-wall carpeting. With new construction, it is much cheaper to install carpet than wood technology. These rugs needed regular professional cleaning to keep them looking great. And if I didn’t keep vacuuming, my allergies would get worse.

Hardwood technology floors are gaining popularity

Today, with more attention to indoor climate, allergies, and the desire for a more natural look in our homes, hardwood technology floors are gaining popularity. There are so many types of tree species to choose from today. Of course, you have your classic oak or maple with a high and low gloss finish. But now owners can also choose from exotic woods technology such as Brazillian Cherry, Mahogany, Beautiful Hickory or Swiss Pear. There is some wood technology available in wide planks, to make it look like an old farmhouse.

For budget conscious buyers, today’s laminate flooring offers a great selection for a fraction of the price. And with laminate floors, you also have a layer of foam installed underneath, giving you a quiet layer of cushioning. Laminate also has a variety of patterns, perfectly imitating stone, Mexican tiles, walnut, granite, or marble. You can turn your home into a virtual palace with a laminate flooring upgrade. We’ve come a long way from the sticky linoleum of the ’70s to technological advancements in design and materials.

Wood Technology Burning Gas Fireplaces

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